The Witness of the Olive Tree

The witness of the Olive Tree

This book is translated from the Korean version in 2014, which was published in 2013 and shows the Olive Tree is Jesus’ witness, and the Olive Tree appeared to work for the ending of God’s Providence in this age. This book explains what is God’s Providence, when Jesus comes again, what are the Overcomer and the Olive Tree, and how it will be unfold the war between God and the Devil and so on.

Table of contents

1 The kingdom of heaven
    and hell

1. There is no kingdom of heaven yet.
2. There is also no hell yet.
3. The Plan of God
4. The Key of Hades

5. Why be martyred?
6. When will you be saved?
7. Judge should be produced first for the

2 The Providence of God

8. Satan, the enemy of God
9. Abraham, the symbol of God
10. The first covenant and the new

11. Isaac, the symbol of Jesus.
12. Moses’ work as the shadow of God’s

3 The Priest in the Order of

13. Immanuel’s sacrifice and the
     change of the priesthood
14. The intention God sent his Son
15. Jesus’ crucifixion
16. Resurrection to the imperishable life

17. The requirements under which we
     can live together with God
18. Jesus knew God's Will after
     he received God’s Scroll.
19. Jesus, the high priest in the order
     of Melchizedek
20. Jesus' footstool

4 The Olive Tree

21. Jacob and the spiritual Jacob
22. Jacob, the shadow of the
23. The Lord Jesus was looking for the
24. The Inheritance of Living Water
25. The task of the Overcomer

26 Joshua the high priest as the shadow
     of the Olive Tree
27. Zerubbabel and the Olive Tree
28. The right to sit with Jesus
29. Harvest with a sharp sickle

5 The Army of Heaven

30. The Lamb’s book of life
31. The 144,000 - the Spiritual Israel
32. A time, times and half a time
33. The war in the spiritual world
34. The authority that the soldiers of
     heaven will receive

35. Those who are invited to the Lamb's
36. The glory of the New Jerusalem
37. Only designated people will be
     able to see God.
38. “Live for me.”

6 Testimony

39. Royal audience with God
40. God's order for the construction
    of Harvest Temple

41. Heavenly Banquet Hall
42. Primitive life of human beings and
     the mark of Cain